Principal Todd Harless says…

I’m not sure where to start, praising First Choice Physical Therapy for the care they’ve provided to myself personally, and the athletes I’ve sent their way, could take days to complete. The piece I want to share today is the servant type attitude Dr. Rinehart and his staff display to their patients. I was the baseball coach at Mosley High School the past eight seasons and no matter what time I called, the staff went out of their way see one of our athletes. The staff has a genuine concern for your well-being and will make sure you’re better before they release you to full activities. I constantly see members of the staff at sporting events locally, supporting as if they’re a member of the family. I think that says it all, when you walk through the doors of First Choice you become family!

Todd Harless
Principal- CC Washington Academy
Mosley High School Baseball Coach 07-15