Visit our YouTube channel to select and view videos we have created to help you stay at your physical best. As we grow older our bodies naturally cannot perform everything we could do at the younger stages of our lives. No matter what stage you are in now we have simple exercises that will help you stay at the top level for your body. Your goal should always be to stay mobile, with tone muscles and good balance. When you have an injury that is keeping you from being your best come see us. When you are only a little off your game check out our channel and find the right video to get you back on top!

Grand Opening of First Choice Physical Therapy’s newest location on Panama City Beach at The Village of Grand Panama.

An all around athlete, Ashley has played sports all 4 years at Arnold High School on Panama City Beach. She recognized early on that she was having pain in both knees that needed to be addressed if she would be able to keep playing. Her main sport is Softball, but also played basketball, volleyball and ran track. Knowing how important therapy was for her over the years, Ashley has decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, to help others the way she was helped. Way to go Ashley!

Kennan Kish is a right handed pitcher who is a former Florida Gator and currently with the Cincinnati Reds minor league organization. He had a Tommy John revision surgery and came to First Choice Physical Therapy at our Panama City Beach clinic for his rehab with Dr. Brannon Chester. He is very happy with his results and is ready to go back for spring training with no reservations. Good luck Kennan!

Having had other orthopedic surgeries before, Amanda can speak from experience on the difference that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) has made in the healing and recovery of her right shoulder. While Physical Therapy has always been a part of her post-surgical recovery plan, this was her toughest surgery of the 4. With HBOT, the recovery is going much faster than predicted. HBOT truly makes a difference in your body’s ability to heal. As Amanda knows, if you are faced with any type of surgery, please consider the benefits HBOT could have for you and how fast you can heal. We are very happy for you Amanda!