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An all around athlete, Ashley has played sports all 4 years at Arnold High School on Panama City Beach. She recognized early on that she was having pain in both knees that needed to be addressed if she would be able to keep playing. Her main sport is Softball, but also played basketball, volleyball and ran track. Knowing how important therapy was for her over the years, Ashley has decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, to help others the way she was helped. Way to go Ashley!
Kennan Kish is a right handed pitcher who is a former Florida Gator and currently with the Cincinnati Reds minor league organization. He had a Tommy John revision surgery and came to First Choice Physical Therapy at our Panama City Beach clinic for his rehab with Dr. Brannon Chester. He is very happy with his results and is ready to go back for spring training with no reservations. Good luck Kennan!

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Life is full of choices. Making a choice involves making a decision by judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one of them that best serves your purpose. There are many important decisions that will be made in a lifetime–marriage, school, career and health to name a few. However, without your health, making choices in life becomes increasingly difficult–if not impossible. That’s why choosing your healthcare provider is a “Big Deal”. With so many choices available, how do you decide? You research! Finding the provider with whom you will trust your care, step. I highly encourage you to research First Choice Physical Therapy.

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