For all of the caring & patient people at First Choice. Thank you so very much for all of the time & extra care that you have given & give to me each time I come to therapy. It makes my visit a lot less stressful. I can’t say “painless” as you know my therapy is full of PAIN! I appreciate each & every person comes in contact with me. I’m looking forward to being pain free. “Hmmmm”

The Lord led me to you & your facility for my recovery. I have no doubt about that. May the Lord bless you all. Thank you!
Mrs. Peel

Scott gets another blue ribbon testimonial.Dear Dr. Rinehart,
Accolades to First Choice Physical Therapy services in Panama City Beach, FL.

I am from Georgia and was spending the week with family who lives in the same neighborhood as Physical Therapist, Scott Champagne. Scott saw me with my walker trudging the sidewalks and came out to speak. My daughter had shared my difficulty with balance and walking after having two back surgeries in three months. He said he felt he could help me while I was visiting if I was willing to give it a try. I was definitely willing. I have participated in a significant amount of physical therapy through the years and with several facilities. I was overwhelmed by his offer.

I am confident that a great deal of the healing took place in my body through his focus on core strengthening in just the one week. I will definitely use First Choice when I visit the area again. I am a champion of the quality of your facility and staff.

Thank you. I look forward to my next visit to your facility.
G. Scott.

1STCHOICEDr. Brett Frank and the staff are awesome! After my second foot/ankle surgery, I came to physical therapy at Frist Choice. They helped me get off the knee scooter, walker and then cane and back on my feet. After gradually regaining the strength and range of motion I was able to return to work, but the limp and some pain where still there. When I was discouraged the staff helped me to stay on course. Finally, the limp was gone and I was walking normally once again. I am so grateful for the doctors, PTAs and staff who helped me through rehabilitation, with very little anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medication. – Jacqueline Rahn

First Choice Therapy you rock! – Vita McCoy

Excellent care and top quality professional service – 5 stars – Jeaneen McCall

First Choice has made a big difference in my life. Would recommend them to anyone who has pain in their life!! Amazing staff! – Tina Otwell

1STCHOICEI just want to say how awesome you guys are! Everyone there was so nice, caring and willing to go the extra mile for me while I was a patient there. I could never have made it as far as I have without the knowledge and care of your staff. I would recommend First Choice to anyone who is in need, not only for the level of expertise and professionalism, but for the fun and friendly environment you provide. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.
-Lora Robertson

My experience with First Choice has been great. I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy. Mr. Rinehart has been very helpful and knowledgeable about my post knee surgery treatment, teaching me exercise that will continue to help me far beyond physical therapy.
-Jackie Palise

All of the staff has been very pleasant and genuinely concern about my condition. They are flexible with scheduling and work with me to meet my needs. First Choice is the first place that I have been that offers many different types of exercises to aid in my recovery. My friends have noticed the difference since I have been going to First Choice.
-Penny Johnson

Mr. Rinehart is very friendly, sympathetic, and understanding which are all the things that help a patient heal faster. First Choice is the best place for fast relief. They have great equipment and someone who knows how to use it.
-Gerald Lucante

My doctor recommended that I go to First Choice for physical therapy after having knee surgery. Wade Rinehart was very considerate and thorough. I would recommend First Choice to anyone.
– John Bartley

1STCHOICEFirst Choice has a very friendly staff that truly cares about the patient. I was treated very professionally and felt comfortable about being there. It’s nice to see a warm smile on everybody’s face; even the patients were smiling. I would recommend First Choice to anyone and I would never send a friend somewhere that I wouldn’t go myself. If ever required, I’ll be back.
– John Douglas Chapman

At First Choice I got very good and caring attention. Brett Frank made sure that my therapy got me ready for work. First Choice takes each individual patient and works with each specific problem in a caring way. They make sure you are ready for advancement.
-Elinore Mayer

My experience at First Choice was very enlightening. Not only are the therapists very knowledgeable, but the staff is superb. Their concern for their patient’s recovery surpasses all. Brett is a true professional and a credit to First Choice. First Choice is the right choice, no doubt. Their patients’ recoveries and concerns are put first. They are the friendliest people in town.
-Richard White

As a tri-athlete, I have developed many injuries over the years ranging from my ankles, knees and hips, to calves and hamstrings. On each account I visited an orthopedic surgeon who referred me for physical therapy. I was fortunate to end up at First Choice. On many accounts, they have helped me regain my strength and heal from my injuries, which enabled me to get back to my rigid training schedule.
-Scott Dorsch