Guy N

Having gone through physical therapy before, I can readily advise of the top-notch care and excellent treatment I have received following my spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Brannon Chester is extremely knowledgeable, providing excellent treatment while ‘pushing’ you through those initial hard parts of PT. His understanding (and bits of humor) really make the difference in and contribute to a successful outcome. …cannot say enough – great staff, great clinic environment, and a very knowledgeable physical therapist. Superb combination!

Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for your kind words and we greatly appreciate your business. Our goal and purpose is to provide great care in all aspects of life to restore your quality of life and to return you to greater physical health than when you walked into our facility. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making yourself better and for allowing us to be a part of your recovery. Brannon Chester, DPT.