Fall Prevention and Decreasing Risk Factors

Five ways to prevent falls in your home:

Do you have someone living in your home at risk of falling? Here are some tips to prevent falls and secure your home for your loved ones!

  1. Remove loose carpeting or tack down with tape around all edges – this includes area rugs, entryway rugs, etc
  2. Run cords along walls. If cords must go along a walkway, tape to floor to prevent catching a foot or assistive device (walkers, canes…)
  3. Install railings at steps and stairs
  4. Keep clutter off of floors and walkways
  5. Be aware of pets when walking around, securing in another room if necessary

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one who is at risk for falling, come see us for a fall risk assessment. We will provide you the tools to

increase your strength, balance, and confidence – all necessary to prevent falls and keep you healthy!