New Years Help-Increasing your metabolism

New Years Help-Increasing your metabolism

Brannon Chester of First Choice Physical TherapyI hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed time with loved ones and some much needed rest and relaxation! If you are like my family and I, you spent a lot of time eating, fellowship with one another, napping, and more eating over the Christmas break. Now as the New Year approaches I wanted to give you a few easy steps on how to increase your metabolism and help with all of the holiday festivities (over-eating). Below is a link that will give you a number of easy and simple steps to speed up your metabolism. As always, if you are experiencing any musculoskeletal pain or joint pain, come see one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy for an evaluation and treatment. God Bless and Happy New Year!!

Write Your Own Script

Ad w-scriptIn Florida and 47 other states you do not have to have a script from your primary physician to see a Doctor of Physical Therapy. That is the point of this ad we ran in the Lynn Haven Ledger in March of 2015. This is one of a string of ads that we designed in-house.

That was the beginning of our series of ads with full color backgrounds and busier than most of the ads you saw in the Ledger. Ok, we admit they were the busiest ads. They looked good in the large newspaper format though and we decided to put together a few ads of that style. We hope you liked them for their difference!

Regardless of the style of the ad, our main thought was always to make sure that we educated the reader that they have the final say in where they go for physical therapy. That is why we include the tag of “It’s Your Choice – Make It Count” in most of our ads.

Free School Physicals Was A Big Success!

Over 200 middle and high schools students took advantage of the free school physical offer that happened at the two First Choice Physical Therapy locations in Bay County. The plan is to do this again next year on the first Saturday in August. Whether you were able to take advantage of this program this year or if you will be joining us for the first time next year, put it on your calendar now! This offer was made possible through the combined efforts and help from the following:

Healthpoint Medical Group

Robin Haussmann, PA-C from Surgical Associates of North West Florida

Dr. Michael Taylor, MD - Pediatric Surgery