Sharon S

From the moment I walked through the door I felt at ease, Kim’s warm smile and hello confirmed I was in the right place! It has been quite a journey from 2 yrs ago when chiropractic adjustment went wrong. I have chronic pain with musculoskeletal issues, fibromyalgia with psoriatic arthritis as well. I have more specialists than I’d like to admit and have tried different procedures for relief. My initial visit With Dr. Chester he listened to me…..I felt as if he not only actually heard me but understood what chronic pain does to your lifestyle. He explained to me the how, why and whats that are creating the everyday pain I live with. He further explained that he would teach me how to build muscle mass in my problem areas, correct posture and other practical methods for relief. The fused discs, bulging discs and other maladies in my spine were causing my muscles to compensate for those weak problem areas. Hence…..muscle overload, inflammation, spasms, ligament issues, and pain threw the roof! I have had three appointments thus far and have found pain relief for several hours after each session. The camaraderie between the patients and staff is fun and lighthearted……even though we are pushing through the pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Chester and staff! I leave my appointments with hope……First Choice PT is teaching me how to get my life back!

Thank you Sharon! We are so happy for your improvements.