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Brian Cooper – two shattered shoulders

After a seizure left Brian with two shattered shoulders, he had surgery and then came to First Choice Physical Therapy on Panama City Beach for rehab therapy and found so much more. He elected to go with Regenerative Injection Therapy and Hyperbaric sessions at Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence to go along with his Physical Therapy. His outcomes stunned every medical professional involved with his case. Check out his story! Congratulations Brian.

Kennan Kish keeps on pitching

Kennan Kish is a right-handed pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds minor league organization. He had a Tommy Johns revision surgery on his elbow and came to First Choice Physical Therapy at our Panama City Beach clinic for his rehab with Dr. Brannon Chester. He was very happy with his results and properly prepared to go back for spring training with no reservations. Good luck Kennan!

Ashley gets help for her knees

An all around athlete, Ashley has played sports all 4 years at Arnold High School on Panama City Beach. She recognized early on that she was having pain in both knees that needed to be addressed if she would be able to keep playing at a competitive level. Knowing how important therapy was for her over the years, Ashley has decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. To listen to her story and how she tells it speaks volumes of how far this young lady will go in the profession of Physical Therapy. Way to go Ashley!

Nancy Brzozowski says…

Testimonial from Nancy BrzozwoskiTo Dr. Brett and the staff at 1st Choice,

Thank you for helping me to “get better”! First Choice has a professional and welcoming atmosphere that begins with staff at the front desk and continues to every part of the therapy rooms!

I appreciated instruction and encouragement from the therapists at every session. It is a pleasure to be able to recommend First choice to anyone.

Nancy Brzozowski

Great outcome

Dear Brannon,
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the time you have spent with me getting this shoulder back to normal. It is obvious that you have a passion for your chosen profession and my prayer for you is that you never lose the enthusiasm you have for your work. Thanks for making my recovery such a pleasant experience!

– Holly

Mrs. CS Parsons flew in from West Virginia

I’m writing this as a testimony to what the hyperbaric chamber did for me. I have IC (Interstitial Cystitis). It is a (bladder) condition that can devastating. My life had gotten to the place that I had no hope of ever having a “normal” life. I hardly ever left my house. The pain was just to debilitating. I was basically bedridden. I would get up for very short periods of time, just enough to fix something to eat and have to lay down to eat. Going to church on Sunday morning was only possible because of pain medicine and there were times that I could not go, even with the pain medicine. My quality of life was extremely poor. I could not make plans to do anything, including spending time with grandchildren. Even going out to eat with my husband was impossible. Basically, my life had stopped. I suffered with this pain for over 10 years. When the opportunity for me to try the hyperbaric chamber came along, it was an opportunity that I could not pass up. My doctor here could do nothing else for me. I left my home, wondering if I would even be able to make the trip. By the grace of God and plenty of medicine, I was able to travel to Florida where the chamber was located. I stayed with family for three months while going through hyperbaric treatment. Everyone at the chamber was extremely helpful, kind and compassionate. They were, and are, a wonderful group of people. While going through the treatments, I noticed changes in my body. My arthritis pain went away, the inflammation in my lower back (from being so inactive for so long) went away. And the chamber, combined with a new doctor, and prayer took away my IC pain and symptoms. I left Florida a person who had a life again. I can now go places, do things with grandchildren, and make plans. I go to breakfast with my husband every Saturday – it’s our special time. I have a life. I have not taken pain medicine for six months. I thank God, Wade, the hyperbaric crew, my family, the doctor and my time in the hyperbaric chamber for giving me a life. God opened a door and I took the chance. It’s a new life for me now – I even go to the gym. I’m so truly thankful for what was given me – a new life.

Sean Maddox is back in the game!

“I couldn’t be more grateful be able to get back in the game that fast!” – Sean Maddox.
Mosley high school football player, Sean Maddox was feeling healthier and stronger than ever for his senior year of sports. Sean, his family, teammates and coaches, were all disappointed when he received a grade three tear of his MCL while at practice in the middle of football season. The typical rehab protocol for this type of injury is approximately 6 weeks of rest and usually a straight leg brace. For Sean, this just wasn’t an option for his senior year. Like many Bay County athletes, he called upon the local Sports Medicine Physical Therapists at First Choice Physical Therapy. Dr. Wade Rinehart, the owner of First Choice, as well as Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence, decided to put Sean in the Hyperbaric Chamber to speed up his recovery time. Sean received six high-pressure dives in the chamber and the ultrasounds before and after the treatments confirmed the accelerated healing of his knee. His tear went from a 1.8 cm tear to a 0.5 tear and he was back on the field within 10 days. Sean finished out the football season without re-injuring his leg or suffering further damage to his leg. He is healthy, strong, and is starting his senior year of baseball, thanks to the professionals and treatment he received at Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence.

We Celebrate With Mosley Scholarship Recipients

Laney, Kiana, Dr. Wade, Brent, Taylor and Kenley
Laney, Kiana, Dr. Wade, Brent, Taylor and Kenley
Taylor Hallmon will be a part of the Florida State University soccer program
Taylor Hallmon will be a part of the Florida State University soccer program
Laney Haynes is headed to Southeastern University
Laney Haynes is headed to Southeastern University
Lucas Williams signed a soccer scholarship with Culver-Stockton College in Missouri
Lucas Williams signed a soccer scholarship with Culver-Stockton College in Missouri
Kenely Adams signing on with the University of Alabama-Birmingham – Volleyball
Kenely Adams signing on with the University of Alabama-Birmingham – Volleyball
Kiana Yangson signed her volleyball scholarship with the University of Auburn-Montgomery
Kiana Yangson signed her volleyball scholarship with the University of Auburn-Montgomery

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 was a very big day for 5 Mosley students as they signed scholarships with the colleges of their choice. First Choice Physical Therapy and MVP Sports Enhancement are so proud of their achievements. It was so impressive how each athlete thanked God and their parents for their success. They also thanked First Choice and MVP for helping them achieve their college dreams. We would love the opportunity to help others achieve their college dreams. Call MVP Sports Enhancement to help take you to the next level 850-248-1600 a service of First Choice Physical Therapy.

Say it loud!

Laura M. wrote this short but awesome note.

If I had known I was going to see/feel results this soon I would not have avoided Physical Therapy when first ordered by my primary physician last year. I recommend it highly to others now.

Please be sure that you research all your options before making a decision regarding your health. In many cases you will find that physical therapy offers great relief from body aches and pains. Enough to possibly avoid surgery or to reduce dependency on pain medication.

Call us today to see if we can help you!
Pain-No Pain

It was our pleasure

Thank you for the testimonials.We get a lot of “Thank You” cards, emails and testimonials. We are very grateful that so many of you feel compelled to send those notes. The truth is that we are the thankful ones. As many of our patients realize, you have the right to choose were you get your physical therapy and a great many of you have chosen First Choice Physical Therapy. Surgeons and other Doctors may have a suggestion on where you could go for physical therapy, but the final decision belongs to the patient. Lots of them suggest us. If your doctor doesn’t think of us first, we hope you will let him know that you want to see us! When you do come and see us, you will likely be so pleased with the results that you may also find yourself with the urge to thanks us through email, cards or cookies.

We want to make sure you know that we are always thankful for you. It really is our pleasure to have been able to help you. Thank you for choosing us.

Making strides

happy starGordon sent an update. This is a long way from the stooped over patient in severe pain that was facing surgery. Congratulations to Gordon and all our patients who have less pain through physical therapy. Much of the reason for success lies in the patient seeking help and following the instructions and doing the exercises they given.

Hi Dr. Wade,
Just a quick note to tell you about my continued progress. This past Saturday afternoon, I walked ~4 1/2 miles in ~ 1h40m. It has been a while since … See what you have done ? I thought you might like to know.
Best, Gordon