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Eddie G

Eddie GoodwinJul 26, 2018I had a negative experience with physical therapy sessions coming in after a truly bad experience less than 6 months ago with another company. From the first day, John listened and set a plan of action designed to address my issues and concerns after just completing a THR. He has delivered a plan of action where I am getting better daily and mobility and soreness and improving. Staff is friendly and helpful as well and cares about your success. This facility has exceeded my expectations and will highly recommend it to anyone. I wish I had come earlier in the healing process but feel great now about my improvement and know I will achieve the goals I had set with their help.

First Choice Physical Therapy (owner)Jul 26, 2018We are very glad that you did not give up on physical therapy after your bad experience! Physical therapy is very important and beneficial in so many ways. Too many people think that aches and pain must be suffered and put up with. Thank you for your very kind words for our very own Dr. John Gray!! We are happy to hear our whole team is doing so well. Thank you.

Lena S

Everyone at FCPT are genuinely kind, professional, & want to help you get better. The facility is modern, nicely decorated, organized, and clean! PT exercises are making me stronger and decreasing the pain & I look forward to seeing what’s ahead. :)Thanks for your help First Choice Physical Therapy!

We give you 5 stars, too! Thank you.

Niccolo C

I’ve been seen here for my lower back and my shoulder and both have significantly improved. The staff is very friendly and highly knowledgeable and provide a great atmosphere for getting well.

Thanks Niccolo! We are very glad you are happy with your outcome and experience at First Choice. Let us know if you can help you or your family in the future.

Ron D

Very friendly and professional staff. The whole team works extremely well together to motivate patients and keep them concentrated on their individualized plan of recovery. I feel very fortunate to have found First Choice Physical Therapy on the beach after my shoulder surgery. I would most definitely recommend this extremely knowledgeable team to anyone requiring physical therapy.

Thank you for your review. Your description of First Choice’s patient treatment model is exactly what we strive to achieve, a team effort to keep every patient encouraged to reach their maximum recovery following their individual plan of care.

Terry Barnhardt – Parkinson’s fighter!

Listen to Terry’s powerful and touching story. Terry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008. He has seen many doctors. They were not able to help him stave off the symptoms of the illness. Even with the latest medications he was continuing to notice a decline in his overall function and cognitive abilities. Terry has now had 78 treatments at Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence. Both he and his doctor are now believers in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

Amanda Golden – 4th orthopedic surgery, 1st to include HBOT

Having had other orthopedic surgeries before, Amanda can speak from experience on the difference that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) has made in the healing and recovery of her right shoulder. While Physical Therapy has always been a part of her post-surgical recovery plan, this was her toughest surgery of the 4. With HBOT, the recovery is going much faster than predicted. HBOT truly makes a difference in your body’s ability to heal. As Amanda knows, if you are faced with any type of surgery, please consider the benefits HBOT could have for you and how fast you can heal. We are very happy for you Amanda!

Karen Garret benefits from HBOT

Karen had surgery on her leg and before the stitches came out she developed an infection. Many months of conventional wound care and medications could not heal the wound. The medications also made her ill and she lost 15 pounds during this time. She was referred to Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence and completed 40 treatments. Her health returned, she is able to eat well again and the wound is completely healed. She still comes by the clinic often to say hello to the friends she has made on her way to recovery. Thanks for the many dozens of cookies Karen!

Dan sings praises of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

While Dan doesn’t literally sing for us, he does tell us his story of how Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) made a significant change and improvement in his life. He had noticed he was having some balance issues, his cognitive skills were a little off, and he just generally wasn’t thinking as clearly. Listen to him share where he was and where he is after 30 dives. Thanks for sharing Dan!