Best Position for Back Pain

image of spine

Depending on what is causing your back pain, there are specific ways you can position yourself to decrease your pain levels! For instance, if you feel better in a slightly forward position (ie, leaning forward when standing upright or leaning forward on a buggy in a grocery store), you might feel better using a pillow wedge during sleep to put underneath your feet. Or, if you have more pain when sitting for prolonged periods, you may find relief by placing a “lumbar roll” behind your back. You can purchase this or, better yet, roll up a medium-sized towel and put it into the natural curve of your low back against a seat chair. With 80% of Americans suffering from low back pain, it is no wonder that our Doctors of Physical Therapy are breaking their “backs” trying to help everyone with theirs! Lucky for you, we are the back specialist, and we are ready to help! Give us a call at 248-1600, and we will get you “back” in the game.

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