Attention all overhead athletes!

Whether you are a pitcher, play volleyball, tennis, swim, or play quarterback, your shoulder pain may be more than just soreness. Many of you play on multiple teams/clubs or travel out of town for baseball and softball tournaments every weekend. Most of you are talented and perform at a high level, but when do you train your body? More importantly, how do you train your bodies for your specific sport? Pitchers want to throw hard, with all of their power moving from the mound to the plate. Which muscles have to control that motion and stop the arm and body from moving forward? Or as a volleyball player slamming aces down. Do you train your scapular muscle groups that allow you to load up, stabilize the shoulder, and deliver an unreturnable serve?

The research looked at the risk factors, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries in the overhead athlete and have identified several characteristics that cause these injuries. Scapular malpositioning (Poor Shoulder blade position), deficits in shoulder internal rotation, and weakness of the rotator cuff musculature are a few characteristics researchers have found. If any of the aforementioned are present, the increased likelihood of future injury in overhead athletes increased.

Statistics show that damage can be prevented if the impairments are addressed. With the proper training of these critical muscle groups that perform these functional motions specific to the sport, a lot of trouble can be avoided. Whether you are having pain now or want to prevent future surgery, see our Doctors of Physical Therapy, and let us work together to develop a personalized treatment plan for you. We will find the source of your problem and help you safely return to your respective sports pain-free and better than before.

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