Arthritic Knees: Is Surgery Your Only Option?

Knee replacement surgery is becoming commonplace in our society. But is it always necessary? Knee replacement surgeries are a major and elective surgery. One should weigh their options and carefully consider   going “under the knife.” I’ve heard it time and time again from patients, “I never thought it would be this painful… I didn’t realize it would take this long to feel normal again… I thought everything would be better after surgery”. The reality is total knee replacements take an average of 6-12 weeks in physical therapy to return to a functional level of daily life. Stiffness, swelling, and overall discomfort can last upwards of one year. So is a knee replacement your only option when knee arthritis keeps you from enjoying your life? Research says no! 

High-level evidence shows that our weeks of physical therapy incorporating both exercise and manual treatment coupled with a consistent home exercise program can improve your function by 50-80% and decrease pain by the same amount. These effects have been shown to last for an entire year! If your knee arthritis keeps you from the life you want to live, let us be your First Choice for relief! You will never know until you try. In the worst-case scenario, you go into a total knee replacement surgery with the most optimal knee strength and flexibility, which will pay you dividends on your post-surgical rehab healing time. This is not just a logical approach, but it has the full scientific evidence to prove it. Come see us at First Choice Physical Therapy.  Call Today 850-248-1600.