MVP Sports Enhancement

Our Creed

There is an inner greatness that must be harnessed and developed by each individual athlete in order to achieve the strength and power desired in one’s skills and abilities. This greatness is necessary to take the athlete to the peak of his or her game. It is the creed of MVP to release this greatness, develop and mow the athlete’s abilities, and develop a strength and power present in his or her game that is not thought to have been possible- until now. MVP sports enhancement was established in 2005 in Panama City, Florida at First Choice Physical Therapy. The ultimate goal was for a different way to develop the next generation of athletes. With more than 20 years of experience and sports medicine, rehabilitation, and enhancement has been utilized in developing MVP to lead the way into a new air at sports enhancement training.

The Art

The MVP sports enhancement program prides itself on being an elite sports program where the science of sports specific training meets the art of athleticism. It is not enough to have knowledge of the basics without the ability to transfer and implement. Unlike other sports specific training programs, at MVP sports enhancement all of our trainers are your grade, certified and licensed healthcare professionals. It is essential that all of our instructors have a thorough knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the body to be able to provide optimal instructions in which the body and the mind can be pushed through its limits in a controlled environment. Injury prevention is at the heart of all MVP training regiments, knowing that an athlete can only excel if he or she is healthy. It is with this in mind that he has developed its training regiments, thus forcing improved foot work, agility, acceleration, power, proprioception, and overall body awareness.


We at MVP Sports Enhancement understands the importance of our relationship with not only the athlete themselves, but also the parents. All parents are encouraged to watch practices so that they themselves are an active part in the training process. We believe that at MVP we are the hands that start molding the athlete, but it is the parents that are a direct extension of us being our eyes, ears, and mouths on a day to day basis. Without an active relationship with the parents, advancements stop at the door.

VIP Line 

Being that our curriculum has been developed with injury prevention as the foundation, MVP not only provides sports enchantment training, we dedicate ourselves to providing our athletes with optimal health care on and off the field. All of our trainers are degreed, certified, and licensed health care professionals which gives us the freedom to provide this unique service to all athletes and their respective families. Upon registration of one of our programs, the athlete and parents are given a direct line to their respective trainer through which he or she can be reached 24 hours a day. You could call it our 24 VIP line which is available for when the athlete has sustained an injury at home or on the field. The trainer will assess the situation and make a professional recommendation. It is our goal to develop the next generation of athletes, but can not do that if they are on the DL.

Our Commitment

At MVP, we are fully committed to the athlete, parents, coaches, and the specific sport for which gains are desired. We strive to provide excellency in all aspects of our program and expect nothing less in return. Through this commitment it is guaranteed the athlete will be pushed through all limits previously maintained. There is no more coveted individual award than that of the MVP and for this reason there will be no higher standard than which is required and maintained through an internal paradigm shift within the athlete:

  • Greatness begins in the heart and the mind before it can begin on the field.
  • Internal dedication is the source of power.
  • Power is generated within before it can be channeled into the game.
  • Internal power is the driving fuel source for habitual excellence.
  • Speed Limits are only signs on the road to excellence.