Preparing for Your HBOT Visits

PHOTO hbot seating

Why has my doctor referred me for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (“HBOT”) increases the amount of oxygen in your blood that is circulated to body tissues. Oxygen-enriched blood can offer distinct benefits and be used to treat a variety of illnesses. Your doctor can share more about HBOT benefits for you.


Is “high pressure” oxygen therapy safe?

You will be closely monitored by the HBOT medical team before, during, and after each treatment. The team will work with your provider to assure your therapy is safe and effective. Therapy usually has limited to no side effects during and after treatment. During treatment you may feel a plugging in your ears from the pressurization, similar to when you fly in an airplane or dive to the bottom of a swimming pool. Your HBOT medical provider will discuss possible side effects with you directly.


What should I expect when being treated?

During therapy you will relax in a large atmosphere controlled chamber with other patients. The large chamber allows freedom of movement as you watch TV, listen to music, take a nap, or converse with others during therapy. Some conditions may require 20 to 40 sessions. Each session may last up to 120 minutes.


How should I prepare for my therapy?

You will receive specific instruction from the HBOT medical team about how to prepare for treatment. Alert our team if you are not feeling well or have other concerns about your healing experience. We are here to help!

No smoking or use of tobacco products. These limit the delivery of blood and oxygen to the tissues in your body.

List all medications. Some medications may affect your body’s response to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

No batteries, cell phones, lighters, firearms, or unapproved liquids. No flammable items are permitted in the chamber.

Wear only 100% cotton clothing to your therapy.

Do not wear any any lotions, creams, hairspray, perfumes, or medical patches.

Wear clean cotton socks to your visit. No shoes of any kind are permitted in the chamber.

Patients with long hair may bring a hair band to accommodate the oxygen hood. Only HBOT providers may attach your neck dam to prevent tearing of the equipment.

Due to patient privacy, no photography is permitted.